1950’s Fashion


Popular 1950’s Women’s Fashion

Staying ahead in the fashion world has always been a priority for many women across the globe, and it is easy to see why some fashion items return years later, with a modern twist that take off and become the latest best thing. Some people love to dress up and so being able to find information about the fashions for a particular era, like 1950’s fashion is important.

There are some people that are in love with a particular time period too, where they dress as if they are still in it, down to the hairstyle and the music they listen too.

1950’s fashion was iconic for women, as it was a start to make a difference and a statement that they could wear items of clothing that flattered their bodies and have a reflection upon their own personality. Here we are going to be taking a look at the best fashion items of the 1950’s.

Poodle skirts were popular with younger girls, knee high skirts that had netting underneath and in bright colours, or simple black with a coloured motif. These are the type of skirts you would have seen in Grease and very popular at 50’s fancy dress parties too. Typically these were worn with white socks, that were rolled or turned over near the ankle, some with frilly bits and coloured ribbons to match the outfit, these were actually called Bobby socks.

Fashions of the Fifties

The shoes were important to, typically these were flat white shoes, with black or brown part that was by the laces and went down the sides known as saddle shoes; these are quite popular today, although most have incorporated a very high heel onto them.

Another favourite for the young girls was the Capri pants, again an item we still see today on the catwalk. These came anywhere between the knee and the ankle, depending on your choice and were very tight fitting, which enabled women to really show off their curves, typically however girls wearing these were seen as rebellious, that is until pictures of celebrities, like Audrey Hepburn were seen wearing them.

The tops that were being worn were also very fitted and showed off the women’s body more, but with subtle tones and floral they were very feminine. Many of these tops were scooped neck blouses, polo shirts, halter necks and also cardigans or fine knit jumpers with three quarter sleeves or with frills.

To accessorise the outfits, scarves became a very important part; they were mainly tied around the neck with the knot to the side. A lot of the 1950’s fashion took inspiration from the movie stars and the films they appeared or form the music and the musicians.

For older women they took to wearing more conservative clothing; their skirts and dresses were more fitted and came down to the knees, they also opted to wear plain shoes with a slight heel to them. The most popular style of dress was the

1950’s fashion was all about expression and allowed many women to stand out, to express their feminine side and that they could be equals alongside men.