Fashion Designer Games


The Fun Of Fashion Designer Games

There are many girls, young and old that order fashion and dressing up, and this starts from a young age with dressing up dolls, making them look pretty and also to the fun of dressing up as a princess or a doctor, or simply just being like mum in one of her tops and shoes. Allowing young children to explore their imagination and creative side is very important for their all round development.


Fashion Designer Game

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However over recent years the use of the internet and gaming consoles that you can do anything, on more and more kids and adults are spending more time on these than developing their imagination and creative side through play. There is a way to combine these two things, especially for those interested in fashion, and that is the availability of fashion designer games.

There are many ways to play these types of games, which can appeal to young and old, to those that are just having fun, to those that wish to take up a career in fashion designing. Having the ability to play these games, they can unleash their creativity and have fun at the same time.

Fashion Designer Games Online

By performing a quick search you can be presented with a whole host of designer games; some may be very simple where you choose a category, for example princess, and you can drag and place clothing, hair styles, jewellery and shoes upon the virtual mannequin. With your model all dressed up you can go up against other players and see who scores the most form their design.

Other games involve you playing in a fashion show, you have to choose your models, dress them up in the correct style, for example casual or dressy, do their makeup and you score points from the critics on your designs. You can also find some fashion designer games where you work in a shop, you help customers to choose their ideal outfit for the occasion this can include, going for a day trip to the beach or even for attending a glitzy celeb party; again scoring points on your customer service and how you matched the event to the clothes and the person.

Many of these online games are free, which is even better and you can have lots of fun with them.  Social network sites also have their own array of online fashion designer games too, but this time you can play against your friends, use them as your models and help build up your reputation for being a great designer.

Console Based Games

As well as the online games, you can also find there are many available for the different types of consoles, the most popular being the Nintendo DS, this is because they appeal to younger children and are easy to use, and also the parent has control over what they are accessing and playing. There are quite a lot to choose from, aimed at different ages but all having the same effect, of becoming a great designer by choosing the right type of clothes for the customer.

Fashion designer games are great fun to play and can also help to develop young imaginations, as well as help those that are interested in fashion too.