Fashion Music

So what exactly is fashion music?

Fashion Music

The art of entertainment in music has seemingly grown from the general basis of presenting comfort to people to a more sophisticated outcome of music business. Fashion music is an offspring of music. This means that concept has indeed been promoted by musicians who have found ways of transforming this trend to music business. As the world advances in terms of technology, so does fashion.

Most of the attire used during the music video production shoots is usually described in the script however; the clothing endorsed during the red carpet or during the official launching of the album is usually unique. This is where fashion music gathers its name. Top musicians are becoming gurus of fashion by dictating the way people should dress out on special dinners. When a musician whether male or female walks along the red carpet with an attire never seen before in boutiques and clothing stores, he or she attracts the attention of the people around and the numbers watching from other medias like the television or the internet. When such condition takes place; then we can say that fashion music is on display.


 Fashion Music : Power is in the hearstyles

Another aspect that contributes to fashion music is the hairstyles. Like I stated a few lines from the top of this article, clothing or costumes used during the video shoots while the musician is on the verge of making the album may not be connected with the essence of fashion music since they are scripted; the hairstyles also lie on the same bracket. This means that the real outcome of fashion music is rather dictated by the aftermath instead of what takes place during the shoot. Incidentally, fashion music has widely been contributed by what we may call as fashion music marketing.  Whenever a celebrity seemingly gains popularity after releasing a world class album or single he or she is called out by several fashion magazines to model for the cover probably in the next monthly or weekly issue. In the past, no body believed that fashion and music were actually that similar. In fact, not until lately when fashion mongers started seeing the connection spearheaded by creative energy of talent. At those times music was regarded as a tool for entertainment and information where as fashion bore a more particular essence in education by enlightening people on the need for certain clothes and at what occasions.

 Fashion Music : How celebrities create a buzz

Later on, music has presented the same principles through celebrities who may have agreed to model for sports illustrated, leading fashion magazines and appearing on documented music shows. This is where fashion and music no longer deal with their singular trademarks but rather having both joined as fashion music. The idea of coming up with fashion music was not just centered towards music business but rather the need to make their fans happy. The more fans you attract, the more Cassettes, CDs or DVDs you sell. This means that these celebrities have actually decided to use fashion music in marketing their own products. There is no easier way of creating publicity to your new single rather than exposure of your own self in a new stylish gown. When your fans like you, they won’t miss your concerts and thus fashion music turns to music business.

This is where we can say that Fashion music has become quite common in the recent times turning the tables of the star (celebrity) to an image of attraction. It has been said that the trend has become more popular that the image of the said celebrity may seemingly be preceding his or her music career.

Fashion music is celebrated in style over several countries in the world. They each employ a different endorsement of good taste in terms of fashion, music and customs. This form of culture has also been calculated to take different routes in coming years because of the pace at which things seem to be changing over time. Currently, there are presents or awards that the celebrity who shines above the rest receives. Just like the Oscars in big budget movies back in Hollywood, the same process is followed up by the judges during the fashion music fashion shows. The said expeditions build the image of the publicized star as well as evaluating the polls that the star garners in the general fans market. This way the outcome is a (two way traffic), the celebrity benefits as well as the celebrity magazine by selling more copies. In this form of practice, we can freely say that fashion music is indeed music business.

Music has always been there since medieval times and the primary purpose was to entertain, built comfort to a broken heart as well as inform. In the recent times music has focused more on entertainment and information where fashion music plays a bigger role on that end. Technically since industrial revolution took place, music has changed from music for entertainment to music business or just money making musicals. But nowadays, this is all changing to something else, fashion music.

 Fashion Music : What about the future ?

The question is, what kind of changes do we expect in the near future?

The world is changing rapidly and no body can anticipate what science will come up with a few years from now. Not even the scientists themselves can ascertain this factor with regards to the inventions or anything on that bracket. It is all a matter of surprise that we have to wait as long as it takes. In the 1980s for example, music was much different compared to music today, we have had various celebrities who contributed to certain dancing styles like the former living icon Michael Jackson also referred to as the king of pop. Indeed, culture, customs and traditions may pass but they will always live within the hearts of those dedicated towards changes in the future.

This is what music holds and every year or two people will always come up with strategies to build and transform past failed plans as the way fashion has done in the music industry. History repeats itself is just but a fallacy, it only repeats itself if inventors of new techniques stopped existing.

This is not the case with music as new talents are born each day, whether part of fashion or not.