Hipster trousers

Pantalon Taille BasseLets have a look on fashion with hipster trousers.

Phenomenon of fashion are generally short-lived. They touch a category of the more or less important population.

It is very rare that a fashion continues in the time.

Simply because of new fashions come to make the ancient forget.

But some of them have the inverse effect, they become intensified in time. It is the case for hipster trousers.


Hipster trousers : Regards on his history

Hipster trousers are above all a way to wear the pants.

At first it is about pants basic but concerned more low the hips than the normal. Hipster trousers owe its name to this.

Hipster Trousers for girls

This fashion was born in the USA and characterized above all the gangs of street. Then Hipster trousers were a sign of gratitude between various gangs. An accessory of the type headband or bandana then came to complete the holding (dress) also consisted of ample T-shirts.

Then Hipster trousers were brought to light by music through RAP. Wide, disheveled look became then a distinguishing feature of membership in an ideology. It is then that  hipster trousers were diverted from its first purpose.

In prison environment, it’s perceived as a sign indicating that the person accepts relations with another prisoner. A lot nobody ignores this last information. It is maybe the reason why hipster trousers returned fashionably.

Snowboarding resumes for example this way of wearing the pants.

Hipster trousers are a mark of ease in the discipline and complete a dress often clairvoyant, extravagant and totally moved.


Hipster trousers: nowadays

When speakink about hipster trousers nowadays, we think rather of the sexy aspect of the woman, the agitator and charming. Women are the first customers of hipster trousers.

Hipster Trousers for women

There are all the forms there.

The pants tightened in the wide pants by way of the pants with straight cutting, sales of hipster trousers make parties of the biggest in the sector.

All the big marks included that there is a big market to be conquered in this domain.

Hipster trousers become a lifestyle much more than a simple fashion. For a long time reserved for the youth, we notice as time goes by that hipster trousers with tendency to touch all the social classes and all the ages.

It refines the silhouette in the same way as he is comfortable and allows bringing to light the other constituents of the holding.

A hipster trousers coupled with a high court allow a woman of shown a tattoo of loins for example.


Be that as it may, the hipster trousers tend to become an institution is an element compulsory for any dressing room worthy of the name.